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First Impressions Count

A guide to preparing your property for marketing

They say you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and property photography is certainly no exception!

We have prepared this short guide of what to expect when our photographers visit to shoot your property, including tips on how best to present it for marketing.

  • When our photographer arrives on site he or she will discuss with you what they will be doing. Our photographer will shoot using a high specification digital SLR camera, usually with wide angle lenses to help get as much into the pictures as possible. Several shots will be taken to cover different exposures and angles.

  • Sometimes “less is more” and it is often best to give prospective viewers a taste of what the property has to offer, rather than photographing every room. Of course, principal reception rooms, the conservatory, kitchen, master bedroom, smart bathrooms and the gardens are generally taken… and don’t worry - the downstairs loo is not!

  • Remember, you get one chance to make a first impression. The photographs are a vital aspect of marketing for your property and we want you to be happy with them. A cushion that is out of place will drive you mad every time you see your brochure, so please take time to ensure everything is how you would like it before we arrive for the shoot.

  • Clean and tidy… then tidy again! In particular, clear away toys, clothes, toiletries, and utensils. Leave out any attractive ornaments and decorations for contemporary shots. Remove TV remote controls, wires of appliances and clear coffee tables. In the bathrooms, remove personal items.

  • Remove all pet accessories. Dog beds, cat litter trays, and Fido’s smelly old bone will not help ‘sell’ your property to a non-dog/cat lover!

  • If possible, arrange fresh flowers in one or two rooms, and perhaps a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen.

  • Clear away kitchen clutter and leave surfaces clear. Remove jars, bottles and cereal packets, but leave things that look appropriate such as shiny new coffee makers.

  • Straighten bed covers, fluff pillows and arrange furniture neatly.

  • Ensure that balcony/terrace doors can be opened to get the best shots possible.

  • Remove all cars from the driveway. Big shiny metal objects obscure the view of the property!

  • Hide refuse bins, wheelie bins, recycling bins, etc. They do nothing to help make a property attractive!

  • Ensure that the lawn is mowed, any gardening equipment is stored away and the garden furniture is clean and arranged neatly.

  • The UK weather is unpredictable at best, and therefore we are limited only to what the Met office can offer us in terms of weather forecast. However, all our photos are hand retouched so we are able to vastly improve lighting, and any adverse weather conditions that were happening on the day of the shoot. Our photographers’ professional digital cameras are also excellent at handling low light situations.