When opportunity knocks

Published: 21/08/2020

Not everyone who moves home was really planning to, but sometimes an opportunity comes along that just can't be missed.

Enter Paul and Pippa, who were happily enjoying family life in their extended semi-detached in Egerton Road when their dream of a detached house with a big garden close to the centre of Berkhamsted suddenly loomed large.

Although not modernists, Pippa and Paul leapt at the 1960s property in Castle Hill Close. With its cul-de-sac position and third-of-an-acre garden, it's the perfect playground for their full household of four children and a dog, while the location suits Paul's commute to London by train, as well as being close enough to the children's schools, including Bridgewater where Tring-born Pippa is also a teacher. That's quite a brief for a new home to fill!

Currently something of a mid-century time capsule, the house is set for a thorough updating, although Pippa and Paul will be keeping the lovely original parquet floors. "We're planning a double-storey extension to add two more bedrooms upstairs, and an open kitchen/dining space on the ground floor with a big island, a seating area and somewhere for the kids to play. We love timber units in midnight blue," says Pippa.

As well as buying their new home through Nash Partnership, the couple sold through us as well. "It couldn't have been smoother: the people buying ours were living in rented accommodation and the house we were buying was in probate."

But perhaps the best part of the story is Pippa's revelation that the family's new house has been part of their dream for a while. "The kids are best friends with the children next door and I used to sit in their garden and dream of doing this one up".

Could there be a more fairytale ending? Yes, because they're even putting a gate in the fence.

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