How to get your bathroom ready for viewings

Published: 11/06/2019

Bathrooms and kitchens are concentrated areas of value in the home, so it's really worth dressing them up in readiness for viewings. Whether you have a property to sell or to let, you'll get positive reactions from buyers and tenants to well-presented shiny zones.

Scrubbing up well
Of course your bathroom is clean on a day-to-day basis, but there might be things you’re no longer seeing: limescale at the base of taps; tiles not  shining like they did; dust on the extractor fan; rust on the shower caddy… it all needs to go. There are products for removing limescale and soap scum without damage, while small bottle brushes can catch the dust in the vent, or the strangeness that lives in the overflow. Remember any mirrored surfaces, especially if you have children as those cute little hand-prints get everywhere!

Daily grooming
Twisted tubes of toothpaste and bottles of Head&Shoulders are fine for everyday life, but not for viewings. Put them – and everything like them – away.  Stow things neatly to show your viewers there’s enough storage when they open a cupboard door. Store anything going onto open shelves in matching baskets or boxes. You can also decant products into matching pump dispensers – medicine bottles for a hipster chic, ceramic for a more traditional style. Add old fashioned labels - stickers or ribbon ties - for extra points. Bars of soap should be in a dish, not mushy, and hair-free for every viewing. The exception to the ‘stash it’ rule is anything posh: everyone loves a bottle of Jo Malone or Chanel.

Spa treatments
Fluffy and matching towels are a must – so grandad’s old faithful or a lifelong companion are no-nos. You can cheat with neutral-toned supermarket towels that are just for viewings and photo shoots, or treat yourself to some luxury now to take with you when you move. Make sure all towels are folded or hanging on hooks. Now then, how's bath/showermat situation? Bid anything past its best a fond Marie-Kondo farewell and welcome its replacement: a timber duck board adds warmth and classic style to any bathroom.  

Contemporary touches
Scented candles add aroma and show your bathroom is not only for a quick morning shower but a spot to linger and relax. A wooden stool that doubles as a table – or a chair if you have room - invites the idea of relaxing times: reading to a child in the bath, talking to a partner, or simply a place to put down a book, iPad or glass of wine. For bathrooms with natural light, a plant or three will add to this chilled-out vibe. Boston ferns, parlour palms or elephants ears should do well in the moist atmosphere and give a calming natural beauty that tells a viewer this room is loved and enjoyed.  

Remember, cleanliness is next to sale-worthiness!

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