How to avoid stress when selling your home

Published: 03/10/2019

Pretty much every article you read about property will tell you that moving home is one of the most stressful experiences in life – right up there with divorce and even bereavement. This, of course, sets you up nicely to expect the worst, making difficulties and struggle seem inevitable. But there are things you can do to downgrade the stress, even if (or when) things don't go according to plan.

Beat the clock
Time panic is a big stressor. Just as waiting in line for a coffee when you’re almost late for work can set your heart racing, needing a sale by a particular date or for a particular reason – financial, work, schools, etc - will raise the stress-stakes. So rule number one: think ahead to beat the tickety-tock of the stress-clock. The more time you give yourself until that deadline, the more relaxed and the easier things will be. And if a moving date is thrust upon you, giving you no control at all, accept the limits of what you can and cannot do: recognise that your time constraint is not necessarily shared by others and follow the next few tips to help you get a sale as fast as humanly possible.

Ask for evidence
It is entirely possible that different estate agents will give you different valuations for your property. Whether those valuations meet, exceed or disappoint your expectations, ask for evidence to back up what you're being told. We always provide examples of similar properties in the local area to explain our thinking, but you should feel free give us, or any other agent, a good grilling over the advice: because when it’s based on expertise and evidence, it’s worth paying attention to.

Make a wise choice
It’s important to choose the right estate agent for the right property, so look at what each one is particularly good at selling, and go with those whose success profile matches your home. Like anywhere else, there are many different estate agents in Berkhamsted and Tring, and many types of property, so examine the agents' websites, photography and marketing tools to see how your home will be presented, then read their testimonials for an idea of their customer service and client relationships.

Get away from it all

The first few weekends on the market are usually the busiest, so get yourself out of the way to leave  your property free and ready for potential buyers. All our viewings are accompanied, so let us take the strain and do the selling for you: that’s exactly why we're here! Visit family, go somewhere you've never been, see friends, enjoy a spa or even go shopping...  Use the time as a treat.

Learn to enjoy criticism
Until your home is for sale, you have no idea what viewers are going to say about it: your tastes and needs are not theirs, and theirs are not yours. They may say things that bruise your ego and make your ears sting - 'That colour is hideous!' or ‘Who on earth thought those tiles were a good idea?’ - about your most beloved decorating projects. A simple rule is to refrain from taking it personally and use it to your advantage instead. Every comment is useful feedback, and if a story develops around a particular room or an aspect of your property, consider whether there is something you can do about it. As a rule, it’s usually presentation, promotion, or price that are the issue. The good news is that all of these are fixable and that taking action reduces stress.

Accept the Ups and Downs
No matter how perfect your home and how talented your estate agent, you cannot control everything. However good or bad the property market, hiccups can and do happen: chains break down; offers are withdrawn; jobs fall through; events occur. Take a deep breath - or ten! - and move forward. Work with your agent to re-evaluate your position and adopt a stance of ‘what do we do next?’

As you can see, stress is very often driven by mindset and preparation. Setting yourself up from the start with the right estate agent, right strategy and plenty of time will go a long way to helping you relax, and stay relaxed, throughout your move.

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