Best price practices to sell your home for more

Published: 26/06/2019

While getting the best price for your property is a top priority for everyone at Nash Partnership (and indeed for most estate agents), there are many things that homeowners can do to help smooth the path and facilitate a successful sale.

As with most things in life, the effort you put in upfront determines the result you achieve at the end. That doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself, but cutting corners on the initial setup rarely brings great rewards.

Give yourself strength
Ensure you are in the strongest position by not committing to another property before finding a buyer for your own. It's an all-too-easy mistake to make, but it can cost you very dearly. The very last thing you want to be when negotiating your sale price is desperate, so resist the urge to go house hunting until you have a buyer, or you may find yourself accepting a lower offer than you’d like to not miss out on something you’ve set your heart on. You’ll also find everyone takes you much more seriously as a buyer once you’re existing property is under offer.

Everything ship shape
It should go without saying that every property needs to be presented at its very best, regardless of its age and condition. Although you’ll certainly get more than your money back by updating any unmodernised ‘big ticket’ rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, you can also transform the way your property shows by cleaning, tidying and decluttering - all completely free. This goes for the outside as well, so don’t forget the garden. Hiring a power washer is a simple fix for brightening up patio tiles, while adding a few large statement plants can likewise cheer up a neglected outdoor space.

Use strategic pricing
Working with your estate agent to achieve the biggest audience is a vital aspect to setting your asking price. Most property searches today begin online through portals such as OnTheMarket or Rightmove, using price bands as a primary search tool. So an asking price of £500,000 will capture buyers between £450,000 and £500,000, as well as those between £500,000 and £600,000, potentially doubling your audience.

Choose your agent wisely
All property marketing starts with your estate agents, so when you’re inviting companies round, make sure you choose one with brilliant marketing. Whether your property is in Berkhamsted, Tring or Timbuctoo, the better the photography and the better the agent’s website, the more enquiries and viewings you’ll get. Ask all the agents you’re interviewing for examples of photography and presentation.  

An agent who promotes your local area is also important, particularly for buyers who may be from elsewhere. How does your agent help those people to ensure you get interest from the right people? Do they have guides for schools or neighbourhoods to help people bring focus to their search? Do your research, be fussy and accept nothing but the best.

Don’t play hard to get
Being as flexible as possible with viewing times makes life much easier for your estate agent. They already spend their lives juggling hundreds of people’s schedules, so minimise any restrictions on viewing times. Making the sale a top priority will help it happen sooner – then you’ll have no more viewings to do!

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